Carpet Cleaning

5 Reasons to Request our Professional Stain Guard -  Protectant!

Many of our customers request stain guard with their cleaning service. City Wide Chem-Dry has a unique guarding agent called Protectant. This product is recommended for any home or office in order to maintain the clean condition after a professional cleaning.

Professional Stain Guard

1. Protectant Gives You a Fighting Chance

Protectant makes easy cleanup possible for any carpet or upholstery surface it is applied to. Protectant is necessary to best maintain a clean and healthy home after a professional cleaning. A window of opportunity is created by our product for the homeowner, making the complete cleanup of spills that would normally cause an instant stain possible.

2. Protectant Provides Better Guarding Coverage

Only the surface is protected by most fabric guarding agents, as they are sprayed on after the cleaning. Protectant is co-applied with our main cleaning solution to guard your home on the deepest level. The power of carbonation is used in our main cleaning solution to clean deep within the fibers of the upholstery and carpet. Since Protectant is co-applied, it protects from deep within the fibers.

3. No Additional Water is Required

City Wide Chem-Dry processes will leave you with fast dry times, within just a few hours! When you add Protectant, the dry time won't be greatly lengthened so your everyday life can resume in no time! The drying time may be extended days with other fabric guarding agents that re-saturate the surface. Without this negative result and amazing results, Protectant is a great option for your home or office!

4. Protectant Restores Manufacturer-Applied Stain Guard

With time and use, every fabric guarding agent will wear off. Re-application is the only way to properly guard your home from potential spills and stains. It can be challenging to identify a product to replace the worn away stain guard. It's easy when you look at our innovative co-application process and trustworthy product.

5. You Home Will Be Cleaner, Longer!

Protectant makes it possible for you to maintain the carpets and upholstery in your home, effectively guarding against future spills and stains. Your home or office will be cleaner for longer with such a superior product available. Maintenance becomes easier, from vacuuming to spill cleanup, so your home will appear fresh as long as Protectant is intact.