Carpet Cleaning

December 23, 2016

Holiday Spots and Spills

Let City Wide Chem-Dry help you with those Holiday Spots and Spills that are bound to happen this time of year. We want you to be able to enjoy your friends and family. Don't spend time cleaning these hard to handle stains. 


September 28, 2016

Fall Pet Allergies

Allergies can make the change in season somewhat unbearable for many people. What a lot of pet owners don't realize is their dogs also suffer with allergies. Whether your pup is sneezing, itching, or acting differently in any other way it's a good idea to keep an eye out for their health. Check out our signs and tips for pet allergies to see if your dog is suffering from fall allergies. Read our Fall Pet Allergies Blog to see if your dog shows signs of pet allergies and for tips on relieving them.

August 29, 2016

Chem-Dry® Cares | Pet Adoption Blog

We are excited to announce Chem-Dry’s support for Best Friends Animal Society® in their noble efforts to rescue animals from kill shelters all across the United States. As devastating as it is, countless cats and dogs are abandoned each day and many are put to death because of it. Help us support Best Friends Save Them All®. Read our blog about Pet Adoption

July 25, 2016

Pet Odors and How to Deal With Them

Pet odors come in a variety of forms, some of the most common being caused by pet urine. City Wide Chem-Dry can help with not only the pet urine odors, but the stains as well! What about odors coming from your pet itself? Here are a few causes and tips to keep your well-loved pet smelling its best! Some may even improve the health of your dog. Read Pet Odors and How to Deal With Them

June 28, 2016

5 Summer Cleaning Tips You Need to Know

Summer cleaning is important during these warm summer months to maintain a happy, healthy home. The outdoors are well-loved during this times of year and you might notice traces of it inside your house. It's not uncommon to search for the best tips to keep your home fresh and clean. We came up with some helpful ideas to help your home be as healthy as possible. Read the 5 Summer Cleaning Tips You Need to Know

May 26, 2016

5 Reasons to Request our Professional Stain Guard -  Protectant!

Many of our customers request stain guard with their cleaning service. City Wide Chem-Dry has a unique guarding agent called Protectant. This product is recommended for any home or office in order to maintain the clean condition after a professional cleaning. Read 5 Reasons to Request our Professional Stain Guard -  Protectant!

April 20, 2016

 Top 10 Tips To Alleviate Spring Allergies

This time of year brings about seasonal allergy concerns for approximately 50 million Americans. Though welcoming in the warmer weather is looked forward to, with this change a variety of allergens, like pollen, make their way into your home and cling to your carpets and upholstery. Scheduling a regular, professional carpet cleaning service is vital for the allergen removal process. Allergy sufferers can put their symptoms at bay and enjoy the warmer weather. City Wide Chem-Dry can....Read 10 Tips to Alleviate Spring Allergies

March 24, 2016

5 Reasons Spring Cleaning is Important

The changing season signals that it is time for spring cleaning once again. The best way to feel ready to enjoy the new season is to clear out the standard dust bunnies as well as hazardous bacteria and dust mite development in the home. Be sure to check out our Spring Cleaning Blog Post

February 10, 2016

Prepare for Valentine's Day

It's time to prepare for Valentine's Day! Professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning aren't always the first things that come to mind when you think of this holiday. Special occasions often times bring about extra opportunity for spills and stains and we are here to help! We have a few ideas to help you feel prepared with DIY techniques and we have ways that City Wide Chem-Dry can help you with the tougher situations. Read our blog about how to prepare for Valentine's Day

January 11, 2016

New Year Resolutions

Boosting health, decreasing stress, and spending more time with relatives are among the list of most popular New Year Resolutions. Listed below are ways that City Wide Chem-Dry can help you reach your goals for 2016. Read our New Year Resolutions Blog

December 17, 2015

Holiday Cleaning

Take a look at our useful tips and ideas for a baby-friendly and healthy home, and the best ideas for homes with pet urine and odors and tricky stains. Read about Holiday Cleaning

November 18, 2015

Holiday Tips

Winter is practically here; this means now is the time for celebration. This season can indicate chaos for your house should you host social gatherings or any other festivities. Preparation prior to gatherings can reduce stress during the holidays to help you relax and enjoy time spent with your loved ones. Read our Holiday Tips Blog

October 21, 2015

7 Tips for Avoiding Fall Allergies

Avoid fall allergies to help everyone in your family thoroughly enjoy this time of the year. Ragweed, outdoor mold, dust mites, and pet dander are the most common allergies this time of the year. The temperatures, wet leaves, outdoor allergens being brought in, and even starting up the furnace for the first time can trigger allergic reactions. Chem-Dry has seven tips to help our customers avoid seasonal allergies...Read 7 Tips for Avoiding Fall Allergies

September 21, 2015

Professional Rug Cleaning

Cherished Oriental and area rugs need professional rug cleaning to maintain their beauty. Adding to the character of the room, it is important to keep them looking clean and presentable. The appearance of the rug can be dirtied easily by the foot traffic they receive over time. Allergens and bacteria can also get locked inside the...Click to read more about Professional Rug Cleaning

August 12, 2015

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning is a major piece of adequate home care. It is helpful to contact professional carpet cleaners every 6-18 months, dependent upon use. There are various reasons why booking an appointment is important. The top five reasons are...More about Professional Carpet Cleaning

July 17, 2015

Spot Removal Tips

Spots and stains are expected, but that doesn’t need to mean that you're stuck with them indefinitely. We have a few tips to help you take care of your upholstery or carpets using a few of our well-loved...Read More

June 12, 2015

A Deeper Cleaning the Natural Way

While deciding on a professional carpet cleaning service for your house, a large amount of customers are focused on a looking for a provider that delivers a high-quality service at a cost effective price. More and more, the ingredients of the cleaning solution being put to use in the household or business office are being taken into consideration.

Long before eco-friendly services became a determining issue in selecting a carpet cleaning company, Chem-Dry began to work in the direction of decreasing the affect of our products on your family, your pets, and the environment. With no harsh chemicals or toxic ingredients, our main carbonated cleaning solution, called The Natural, is going to carefully bring your home back to its radiant condition.

On the FDA's G.R.A.S. (Generally Recognized as Safe) list, the green certified materials in The Natural will work together with our Hot Carbonating Extraction tactic to eliminate filth from your household. With much less water than what the regular steam cleaner will use, our method dries much faster to greatly decrease the likelihood of mold and mildew development.

For a deep carpet cleaning, the natural way, choose City Wide Chem-Dry for a cleaning that is healthy for your house, family, household pets, and the environment.

May 18, 2015

Chem-Dry vs. Steam Cleaning

Countless customers new to Chem-Dry don’t recognize that our method is much different than what steam cleaners make use of. You will find several aspects that present the Chem-Dry difference. Using our top quality approach, we do more than pour gallons of soapy water and harmful chemicals in the home. The proprietary Hot Carbonating Extraction method that we depend on offers you a deeper clean, a quicker drying time, in addition to a safer carpet cleaning than what you can identify with typical steam cleaning providers.

Mainly because of the surplus amount of water and cleaners that standard steam cleaners use, you are stuck with soaked carpets for 1-2 days. This provides a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and mildew. Not only that, but the stiff or sticky residual left behind will draw in dirt and permit your carpets to easily retreat to their dirty condition.

We use a lot of effervescent bubbles to unlock debris deep inside the carpet’s fibers and bring them to the surface so our equipment can extract them. We use about 1/5th of the moisture that most steam cleaners depend on as a result of the success of our method.

Our low-moisture process doesn’t make use of the unnecessary volumes of water to soak through to the carpet backing and construct a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and mildew. The same risks that are included with steam cleaning won’t present a danger when you use City Wide Chem-Dry. We can provide you a more suitable and superior cleaning choice. Your carpets have the opportunity to not just stay cleaner longer, but dry faster to help you resume your normal life in no time. The Chem-Dry method is unparalleled.

April 15, 2015

Are You Seeking Pet Urine and Odor Treatment?

Household animals are an important and appreciated component of a great number of households. Even the best trained animals are capable of having accidents and may return to the same general location to urinate continually. More than a basic cleaning solution could be the prerequisite to take away the urine and odors. Here at City Wide Chem-Dry, we offer a product referred to as PURT (Pet Urine Removal Treatment) that, on contact, immediately will start breaking down the urine crystals.

How PURT Works:

1. To start off, our skilled technician will determine the origin and severity of the aroma. Often times we find the urine utilizing a particular tool, like a black light. The carpet will then be washed with hot water and extracted to clean out a lot of urine crystals.

2. The carpet would be pulled back within the troublesome areas to reveal the extent of the damage, in the worst situation.

3. The pad could possibly be removed and replaced if necessary.

4. An odor blocking shellac ought to be applied to the subfloor if established necessary.

5. PURT is then applied heavily enough to soak in each of the urine impacted spots.

6. The materials in PURT will react with the urine and disintegrate the odor on the molecular level over the next 24-36 hours.

One of the benefits about this strategy is how harmless it is! Your home will smell fresh and clean again plus your children and pets aren't going to be in harm’s way. You can learn more about PURT here.

March 19, 2015

We're professional mattress cleaners!

Mattress cleaning might not cross your mind as often as carpet or upholstery cleaning does. Here are a few facts that might demonstrate the importance of professional mattress cleaning:

  • The average bed holds up to 10,000 dust mites that can cause allergies, asthma, and hay fever.
  • People sweat up to half of a pint each night.
  • Up to 9 pounds of skin is shed every year as people sleep.
  • Mattresses should be vaccumed at least once a month and flipped every six months as a way to reduce dust mites.

You can count on City Wide Chem-Dry for mattress cleaning services in your home!

March 16, 2015

Is Spring Cleaning Pushing You Over the Edge?

The beginning of spring is in view! As the weather gets warmer, it functions as a reminder to give your home a fresh, clean start. Make your home a much safer, healthier place to live as a result of using the specialists at City Wide Chem-Dry.

Recommendations from City Wide Chem-Dry

Call the Experts

During the winter months, dirt and bacteria generally collect much more than during the remainder of the year. The ideal way to adequately free your home of such unwelcome particles is to call City Wide Chem-Dry and set up an appointment. With a green certified solution, your home will have a deeper and healthier cleaning compared to what you can find with other service providers. In addition to that, we use 80% less water than just about all steam cleaners so you will notice that we provide a quicker drying service. Your home will be dry after only a few hours and no mold or mildew will build up.

Remove Mold & Mildew

In damp parts of the home, mildew and mold may have developed allowing it to spark allergic attacks. During this time of year especially, people with allergen hypersensitivity don’t need one more thing to set them off. Inspect your bathrooms, laundry rooms, and the kitchen to make certain your home doesn’t have fungal development and use non-toxic cleaning products to reduce what might be there.

Create a Dust-Free Setting

Properly dusting every part in your home - like filters, ducts, and vents - you lessen your home’s contact with pollens and airborne debris. Regular vacuuming lessens the amount of dust that settles into your carpet. It is suggested to vacuum no less than 1-3 times per week.

Let’s welcome spring with a fresh and clean, happy home!

February 6, 2015

What kind of bacteria tend to be brought to your home?

Hopefully you've never had any raccoon burglars coming in through your pet's entry door, but it's challenging to keep an eye on all that has come in contact with your home. It is critical to sanitize your carpets and upholstery on a regular basis. It is actually notably advised to sanitize households with small children and domestic pets. We don’t imagine that you should want your child, who likes to crawl on carpets and upholstery, to be rolling around in bacteria and dangerous allergens.

Sanitization is a vital aspect to eliminate allergens and bacteria, making your household the healthiest it can be for you and your family. The fibers of carpets and upholstery will easily accumulate and confine various allergens and germs. These particles can pass on illness and aggravate allergies or asthma. The typical irritants that come from dust mites, pet dander, pollen, mold, and pests will be reduced if you go with the sanitizing option that we happily present to our customers.

With our deodorizer, we will be equipped to serve customers which are concerned with an odor within their carpets or upholstery. Our technicians are trained in a protectant to protect against upcoming spills and stains. We have a specific product to reduce pet urine and pet odors. With many regions of specialty training, we'd like our customers to realize their house is in excellent hands.

Call City Wide Chem-Dry for more information regarding making your household the healthiest it can be!

January 19, 2015

Over time, the edges of the carpet along the wall become stained. These areas are called filtration lines and these are specifically prominent on light-colored carpet.

How did I get filtration lines?

It might seem it is the incapacity to be able to proficiently vacuum the corners, but this is only one part of the issue. Air flow is allowed in the small breaks between the boards which is not possible to avoid even in the most well-built houses. A change in the temperature or pressure variations in the property pushes air underneath walls and doors. Any waste that the air is probably holding gets hooked in the carpet fibers as it passes through the rooms between the panels, the flooring serving as a filter. In the future, these little particles pile up, soiling and darkening your carpeting.

How do I get rid of filtration lines?

Without having the proper equipment, it is not easy to clear your house of filtration lines. Deep cleaning, agitation, and the proper cleaning solution are the important components to eliminate the stained borders. As experts, at City Wide Chem-Dry we've been well trained to get rid of your filtration line problems. After breaking apart the oil, dirt, and dirt debris which are kept in carpeting fibers, our powerful, yet delicate, tools will remove the grime permanently. Your house will stay cleaner considerably longer because we stay clear of solutions that can leave behind any dirt attracting residue.

Your home or business will benefit by calling on the professionals at City Wide Chem-Dry to properly clean the carpets. There's no need to delay any longer, call or click for noticeably cleaner carpets!